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How colocation data centers provide improved connectivity

November 17, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

rackalley1Written by Rack Alley

There is more to the advantages of colocation than simply just the added infrastructure. Even larger organizations use la colocation for the scalable interconnections and the strategic location of the data centers. There are two phrases used within data center circles that will explain why such organizations use colocation facilities when they can easily setup their own. The two terms are “carrier hotel” and Meet-me-room.

A carrier hotel is the building that is specifically used to provide the services to companies. It is a physically secure environment that has the redundant infrastructure. This is where the servers and network equipment go when you elect to colocate. This is where companies locate their systems that need to connect to other tenants of the same data center. The meet-me-room is the networking room where the actual interconnections take place.

As an example: Let’s say that company A owns the entire last mile to a specific area of a city. Now an organization wants to use a company B, but is located in the area that is run by Company A. Company B can come to an agreement with Company A and provide its services by getting an interconnect at the data center.

Los Angeles colocation has many advantages for medium sized business as well as larger organizations. The services provided can be used in different ways based on each individual companies’ needs.


Rack Alley provides small and enterprise customers with premium la data center services.

Save Time by Hiring a Search Marketing Agency

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Search marketing is one of the most popular and efficient ways to promote your business online and get more customers. However, if you have little experience with online marketing, running your own search engine marketing campaigns can be quite a challenge. Even though the advertising platforms may look simple at first glance, there are many things that you would need to learn if you want to make the most efficient use of your online advertising budget. Any mistakes that you make can end up being quite costly. For this reason, you may want to hire a search engine marketing firm to manage your ad campaigns for you.

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Doing so can save you not only money, but time as well. A search marketing agency can do most of the work for you. They have a team of experts that will carefully set up, manage and optimize your search marketing accounts for you. This includes doing research on your competition, finding the keywords that consumers ready to buy are likely to use, designing ad copies that attract their attention, creating and optimizing landing pages to get you a maximum amount of conversions and many other related tasks. By letting professional do the job, you can save countless hours and instead focus on running your business.

Of course, you still have the option of doing some or even most of the work yourself if you prefer. If you already have your campaigns up and running, you can hire a search engine marketing service to optimize them for best performance, or to do an audit of your setup and offer suggestions on how you can improve it.
Sticky Web Media is a search engine marketing firm based out of Los Angeles that helps small and mid-sized businesses get exposure on the Web through local marketing.

Why choose a data center in Los Angeles

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Written by: Rack Alley

Over the years, Los Angeles has become one of the best locations for your data center. There are several reasons to choose to move your server hosting in Los Angeles. Here are some of them:

The biggest community of data center customers in the West Coast

Los Angeles boasts one of the fastest growing data center customer community in the world. Companies from diverse fields like computing, shipping, entertainment or gaming have chosen a Los Angeles data center. While this is a very reassuring figure, the real advantage is colocation.

Colocation basically means sharing a data center. Most companies do not use their data centers to their maximum capacity. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to share the center and lower the costs. Exactly like someone having a free room in his house could do.

Highly connected data centers

LA web hosting providers are in the sweet spot. They are the gateway for United States traffic to and from the Asian continent. In layman terms, this means your data is ideally located for users inside the United States, since it’s in Los Angeles, but also for users in Asia, since the data centers are very close to the United States/Asia gateway.

Quality of data centers

The competition for data centers in Los Angeles is fierce. This means that data centers have to constantly be ahead of their game. A surprising amount of LA data centers are LEED Gold certified and are extremely energy-efficient. This is not something negligible, because data centers consume enormous amounts of electricity. Going for a power efficient data center means more savings down the line.

Why you should have offsite data centers

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Written by Rack Alley

In this day and age where everything is digital and where everything is also online. All your data and sensitive information should also be digital and online as well. Think about it, the reason why businesses are unable to recover after huge problems like fire or other acts of God is the fact that all their paperwork and files went down with the building as well. If you had data centers outside your principal place of business, you would never have to experience such a problem. If you live in Los Angeles, then you should get LA collocation. So what’sLos Angeles colocation? Actually, it is just colocation. And it’s a method of data storage that allows users like you to securely transfer any and all data of your choosing to offsite locations or servers that can store them securely and safely while maintaining access to them anytime and anywhere as well. This ensures that all your data or information are safe and secure no matter what happens to your offices. Imagine this, all your information is stored in your office computer, where you deal with accounts that are valued at millions of dollars. All your data is backed up in your company’s servers and mainframes. But then a virus rages through your entire network and erases all the data! What happens then? That’s big trouble for you, and the millions of dollars that you are overseeing. With colocation, this type of problem would be a thing of the past.


A Los Angeles data center is exactly what you need. It’s near your office, and you can immediately do visits should anything come up.

Hosting Companies Make Scalability Easy

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By Rack Alley

With all the options available to you in LA, there are simply too many reasons you should be relying on an LA web hosting company to list them all here or, alternatively, ignore them.

When you use a company to handle your hosting for you, you’re immediately saving money on overhead. You need less physical space at your location. You also don’t need to spend all that money on the hardware necessary for hosting nor do you need to constantly spend on the utilities to keep them up and running. All these costs are passed on to theLA data center that’s handling the service for you.

So those are just some of the main reasons most companies switch from onsite hosting to relying on another company to do it for them. But there are countless others.

One very important one is that it makes scalability a breeze. You can literally go from hosting one website to 10 overnight if you wanted to. You could go from hosting SaaS solutions for 10 staff members to 100, all with little more than the click of a button. The advantage this gives you cannot be underestimated.

Think about how important this kind of growth is in today’s market. Whether it allows you to take on bigger accounts or fight off larger competitors, having scalability on your side counts for everything.

Rack Alley provides Los Angeles colocation to companies all over the Southern California area. They also handle colocation services and basically anything to do with data centers.




What to Look for in Your Colocation Service

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If you’re company is ready to take the next step by hiring a colocation provider, you have a lot to consider. Making sure you select the right provider can have a huge effect on your company’s future success.

While there are many LA colocation providers to choose from, this can be a mixed blessing. It’s important to start out by remembering that any providers in the surrounding area will be able to fit the bill as well when it comes to server hosting. Los Angeles has many others around it that you should explore.

Look for a provider that is comparable in size to your own company or at least deals with companies your own size. The reason being is that you don’t want a company that deals with solely with huge companies if yours is a small business. You could end up dealing with a situation where other companies take precedent over your own.

Also, make sure you’re clear on what you actually need from a colocation provider. Most will offer a number of services and, while they may be attractive, you don’t want to pay for anything you won’t use. Instead, keep their other services in mind for down the road, but only pay for what you absolutely need when you first start out.

Consider speaking to any companies of similar size in your area. As long as they aren’t direct competitors, they should be able to recommend you some good companies.


Blog submitted by Rack Alley. They operate a LA data center that handles everything from colocation to website hosting and much more.