Written by: Rack Alley

Over the years, Los Angeles has become one of the best locations for your data center. There are several reasons to choose to move your server hosting in Los Angeles. Here are some of them:

The biggest community of data center customers in the West Coast

Los Angeles boasts one of the fastest growing data center customer community in the world. Companies from diverse fields like computing, shipping, entertainment or gaming have chosen a Los Angeles data center. While this is a very reassuring figure, the real advantage is colocation.

Colocation basically means sharing a data center. Most companies do not use their data centers to their maximum capacity. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to share the center and lower the costs. Exactly like someone having a free room in his house could do.

Highly connected data centers

LA web hosting providers are in the sweet spot. They are the gateway for United States traffic to and from the Asian continent. In layman terms, this means your data is ideally located for users inside the United States, since it’s in Los Angeles, but also for users in Asia, since the data centers are very close to the United States/Asia gateway.

Quality of data centers

The competition for data centers in Los Angeles is fierce. This means that data centers have to constantly be ahead of their game. A surprising amount of LA data centers are LEED Gold certified and are extremely energy-efficient. This is not something negligible, because data centers consume enormous amounts of electricity. Going for a power efficient data center means more savings down the line.