Cash Only Businesses

Article Written by : MLAVA Financial Solutions

It isn’t to say that some businesses can’t be successful as a cash only enterprise. My barber makes a great living dealing exclusively with cold, hard currency. And I have watched, both amazed and perplexed as his customers head to the ATM next door. But a simple barber, making a meager living, is a long way from a larger enterprise that requires credit card merchant services to make ends meet.

The times have changed from the corner store transactions to the large profits that modern industry can provide, especially when dealing with an online presence. And of course, an online presence providing items and services couldn’t survive as a cash only presence. Online transactions, instant banking and transfers, ecommerce credit card processing; these are the words that help define a successful financial online business. From the comfort of one’s home, most major transactions, from paying bills, the ordering of supplies and products, and even stock trading, can be accomplished with a few keyboard strokes and the click of a mouse. And we need to have an assured means of attaining access to the payments made by your customers. Unfortunately, a cash only business just can’t survive in our online world.