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Written by Lyle Charles

Construction projects are complex, highly sensitive and operate in changing environments. A construction claims consultant can manage construction projects and assist in claim mitigation. Explained below are some claim mitigation processes that can help construction firms minimize the occurrence of claims.

The project plan – It is vital that the plan has a clear and carefully described scope of work, together with a reasonable schedule. The project should also include the risks and delays that may arise at different junctures.

Contract terms – Contract terms should be fair, spreading the risk of possible changes and unknown site conditions.

Risk management plan – A risk management plan will mitigate the risk and provide control over the risks involved. Avoid placing the majority of risk on the contractor, when the contractor has little or no control over the situation. This method will be an invitation for more claims.

Handling of disputes – If a dispute is handled incorrectly, the chances are that the dispute will cause a strain on the relationship between the parties. A strained relationship can cause further delays and more claims.

Decision-making process – A decision-making process that is long and cumbersome, can cause delays in work, disputes, and claims.

Hiring a good quality construction claims consultant can be difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, look at reputed consulting firms like Lyle Charles Consulting to assist your firm in hiring the right consultant for your construction project.


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