A gelato shop can be a great source of both revenue and satisfaction. People love gelato, after all, so you’ll never find yourself without a friend. It’s also considered a very trendy food item at the moment, meaning if you play your cards right, you can expect to see more and more customers in the near future. But don’t settle there. All businesses need to make sure they’re exercising all their avenues for profit. One way a gelato shop can do this is by introducing coffee.

While you might not think of a hot caffeinated beverage pairing well with a cold sweet treat, that’s not necessarily the case. Gelato is Italian, after all, and so is many of the world’s best coffees.

Just like your gelato is considered a better version of traditional ice cream, so too can you introduce Italian coffee that will be considered a better version of the other options around.

Of course, there will be some overhead with coffee cups and lids but thanks to sites like Amazon, you can save on those like never before. Furthermore, they provide you an excellent place to put your logo so you can get free marketing from your customers.

Although it’s important to focus on the business at hand, don’t shy away from expanding. One great way you can do this is with Italian coffee.

Amongst other things, Gelato Products sells frozen yogurt paper cups as well as personalized ice cream cups and all the other supplies you need to run a successful gelato shop.