Summary: When it comes to processing a crime scene, you need the best tools possible to make sure that you get all of the evidence. Crimescene equipment like a fingerprint enhancer, a prescan pad, and a fingerprint ink strip can all go a long way towards solving a crime.

Whether you are investigating a murder or a white-collar fraud case, there is plenty of evidence left behind at any crime scene. The key, though, is to have crime scene equipment that is sophisticated enough to find it all.

The proper crime scene equipment – like evidence bags, kits to bag and tag evidence, crime scene tape, bags to collect seized cash and coins, and paper rolls to protect fragile evidence – can mean the difference between finding out who did it and having an unsolved case.

One of the most tell-tale pieces of evidence left behind at crime scenes is fingerprints. With the right technology, you can make sure that every fingerprint you collect is a good one – that can help you find a suspect.

The best crime scene equipment kits contain 2 different tools that can help collect the highest quality fingerprints:

1. Fingerprint enhancer

It sounds like something out of a movie, but it really does work. A fingerprint enhancer makes the ridge lines of a fingerprint clearer, so that the quality of the print is better, and it is easier to find a match.

A fingerprint enhancer uses a clear solution to draw out the details of the print. And, it can even be used before you put prints in an electronic fingerprint unit. By using a fingerprint enhancer, you can make sure that your prints do not smudge on the glass of the electronic scanner.

To make everything even easier, you can use a prescan pad that puts the right amount of enhancement solution onto the print. That way, you will be guaranteed a usable, high-quality fingerprint every time.

2. Fingerprint ink strip

Used to make collecting fingerprints at remote locations easier, a fingerprint ink strip can go anywhere you do – without having to drag around an entire, bulky fingerprint kit.

A fingerprint ink strip is just as effective as larger kits because it can do a full set of 10 fingerprints for both children and adults. Plus, as an added benefit, the ink is non-toxic and easy to clean up. All you need is a little bit of soap and water; you do not need to use harsh solvents to remove the ink.