Your home is your kingdom and you are its king/queen. As its king/queen, it is your duty to care for your kingdom in order to keep the property value up, and in case you ever decide to sell your home, you can get more than what you originally paid for. However, home renovation ideas are not always cheap, but remember, what you end up paying for now, ends up paying you later. Realtors often look at the design, renovations and surrounding properties to determine the value of your home, and since you have little control over the surrounding properties, your best bet is to remodel, or simply improve your home yourself. But if you find yourself unsure as to what exactly to remodel to boost your property value, or if you just want to remodel your home to add that extra shine without spending too much, consider these options:

Improve Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for a high return investment, then everything, including the kitchen sink, is what you want to renovate. Kitchens become the center of attention for potential buyers, and since most of your meals and dinners will be served here, it’s good to renovate the environment in here first. You do not need fancy granite countertops or marble tiles, but you do want your new kitchen to include plenty of storage space and tabletop space to cook and store kitchen essentials. If you feel as if your floor can use an upgrade, consider adding either ceramic tile floors that are often cheaper than natural stone tiles, such as marble and granite. If you’re determined to add some decorative items to your new kitchen, consider adding in a new paintjob, small wall mirrors, new clocks and kitchen ornaments to add color and style.

Bathroom Upgrade

As with the kitchen, the 2nd best renovation for your home is your bathroom. The bathroom adds value to your home because buyers will be using this room everyday. If renovating the bathroom adds value, throwing in a master bathroom for his/her wash areas and mirrors adds even more value. Remember, you do not need to spend an arm and a leg renovating your bathroom. Instead, you can find cheap alternatives for floor tiles and countertops. The goal is to always be on the look out for discounted materials at home improvement stores, such as counter tops, cabinets, sinks and tile floors.

Improve the Living Room

The living rooms may not add much value to your home, but it does remind potential homebuyers that this room is as equally as important as the kitchen and bathroom. The living room can serve as a hotspot for family activities, games and movie nights. If possible, you may want to knock down a wall or two to add some lighting. Plus, the living room makes a great area to add decoration pieces in, such as vintage mirrors or china cabinet to show off your essential dinnerware.

Remember, the prices for renovating your home may seem costly, but what you spend now will eventually pay dividends later.

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