Brand marketing strategies vary depending on the nature of your business. For a coffee shop or an ice cream parlor, there is a very simple yet effective way to market your brand that is often used by many successful brands in the market today. It all begins with simple paper coffee cups, you only need to simply put your logo or name on it to create a moving and free advertisement. All you need to do is to find a reputable coffee shop supplies store that can customize these cups for you.

Searching for suppliers is now easy through the use of the Internet. Simply search for suppliers near your area and contact them either through e-mail or mobile. For personalized cups, you will need to pay a higher amount compared to ordering plain ones. The lead time is also increased as suppliers will need ample time to create your order. There are also suppliers who may limit the number of allowable colors to be printed on the cup, the more design you would want to put in, the higher the price will be. You may also want to add in other items such as colorful spoons that will match the theme of your shop.

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