If you’ve decided to start that gelato business you’ve always dreamt about, congratulations and good luck with your investment. But it takes more than good luck, doesn’t it? Companies that succeed need to start with the basics. Let’s take a look at what that means for gelato companies.

First you’ll need the actual gelato itself. This will mean using a company that can deliver it regularly, fresh and cold. Be sure you taste all the flavors yourself so you can vouch for their quality (not exactly the toughest job you’ve ever had).

Your customers will need something to eat the ice cream out of too. Generally gelato is not served in cones after all. Try something simple like white paper cups if you’d like to save money on your investment.

Of course, they’ll need something to eat it with too. Plastic ice cream spoons you can throw away when finished will fit the bill. Just because they’re made for ice cream doesn’t mean they won’t fit your purposes just fine.

Always remember napkins too. As much as people love the taste of gelato in their mouths, they’re just as likely to get some of it on themselves from time to time. Providing them with napkins will go a long way to helping this.

While there’s plenty more that goes into starting a successful gelato business, start with the above and you’ll be on the right track.