Three Tips for Integrating Images Into Your Emails
Three Tips for Integrating Images Into Your Emails

Written by eTargetMedia.

Utilizing images in emails can be an effective way to grab the attention of a customer. It really is true that a picture can be worth a thousand words — having a powerful image at the heart of your email can make the reader take notice and want to read more. However, not every implementation of images in an email will work. If you aren’t smart about how you are deploying images in your email, they can have a negative impact on your campaign.

Here are a few tips for how to use integrate images into your emails in a smart way:

Feature One Dominant Image

It can be tempting to put multiple images into your email in order to “spice it up.” This is a recipe for disaster as having too many images in your email will only lead to them competing for your readers’ attention. Instead, take one strong image that represents the message you want to communicate and make that the dominant piece of art.

Consider Infographics

Creating an informative graphic — also known as an infographic — can often help you to convey your email message in a more powerful way than text. It’s eye-catching and memorable. A skilled designer from a company such as eTargetMedia can help design a striking infographic for your email campaign.

Use ALT Text

Some email clients will automatically block images that are embedded into messages. If these messages are blocked, they will instead display text that is part of the ALT tag in the email’s HTML. It’s important that you take the steps to fill in descriptive text into the ALT tag in case the image is blocked.

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