Written by USA2Me

Reaching out to customers globally can take your online revenue to the next level. For international businesses that are looking into reaching out USA customers, the best option for shipping is on parcel forwarding. Business owners and customers can save from individual international shipping rates by sending the items to warehouses in the United States like the one managed by USA2Me.com.

Mail forwarding companies in the United States will give your business an address where all your items will be shipped from within the country. From these new shipping points, orders can be processed quickly and customers can receive their items faster, and without the worry of what might happen to their purchases while its traveling borders.

Orders can be managed via emails or online interface. If someone from US orders one of the products, the business owner send a shipping order to the warehouse with instructions on when and where to send the item. This way, online stores from international businesses can tap into US market easily. It’ll be like an extended arm of the business, with very own forwarding US mail address. This virtual addresses can be given out as the local address for customers or for own use.

It can also work the other way. Some mail forwarding companies can be the shipping point from United States and beyond. For international clients who bought items from an online US store, items can be forwarded first to the warehouse address, where remailing orders can be processed from US to anywhere in the world.

USA2Me.com offers parcel forwarding and virtual assistant services for businesses and for personal use. Visit their website for more information on additional features.