There are the tried and true elements of any online display marketing campaign. Most individuals are familiar with common banners, pop up and pop down windows, and expanding ads. And while they can be extremely effective, aspects of previous marketing methods can still be applicable to the new world of online marketing.  One of these elements is video production.

Almost every individual has grown up watching television and became familiar with the thirty and sixty second commercial format. It remains a particularly potent format of advertising and continues to be one of the strongest methods of promotion. The potential can be illustrated by examining the cost of one advertising minute during the Superbowl. And companies are willing to pay these extraordinary amounts for that precious time because of the results it can bring. With this in mind, it may be surprising to discover how little the video format is used with online marketing campaigns.

From customer testimonials to product videos and demonstrations, video production can share an enormous amount of information in very little time. And video production can still follow the so-called new rules of online advertising. Links from banner ads and expanding windows can be the perfect medium to display a video presentation. And through contextual marketing techniques, these videos can continue to match content in a myriad of different websites.

The same online display methods that companies have become used to can continue to be used, with video production as having the means to enhance any marketing campaign. It is an example of using the past to improve the modern.

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