is an online business directory that is available to both consumers and businesses to have an open line of communication. If you have experienced bad service and want to post a review you can do so at Companies can load their own profiles and respond to reviews.’s goal is to make the experience between consumers and businesses as positive as possible. This directory is extensive, customers can find new businesses and review any type of business.   

How to deal with negative reviews:

Dealing with negative reviews is unpleasant but they cannot be ignored and have to be addressed in just the same way as one would address positive reviews. See the review as a way to grow stronger as a business. Acknowledge the review immediately and give an honest and professional answer to the accusations noted in the negative review. 

It is important to note that showing care and empathizing with the customer is displaying care for their well being. Negative feedback is a way of learning where a company can improve and move in a more positive direction.

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The new business directory is a way to bring customers and businesses together to give both the opportunity of finding the best way forward. Here is a place where consumers can read reviews on businesses that will help them make decisions and for businesses to address reviews that directly affect them.