Why Your Front Door Needs a Facelift.Are you looking at your door and thinking that it needs a facelift sometime soon? Well, you can fully replace the door itself if it’s taken too much damage. Or, you can simply repaint it with a new coat. The right looking door can make your home feel welcoming and can definitely impact your curb appeal.

The first thing that you’re going to do is to consider the style of your home. Normally, you’ll find that traditional homes will often feature a rich and deep color to them, while contemporary homes will typically have a brighter color to them.

Take a look around your neighborhood at the various color schemes that are around. You won’t want to stick out like a sore thumb by painting an exotic color on your front door.

Light colors are great when they are used as contrast with a darker color on the house’s exterior. Lighter colored doors that tend to match the sides typically look boring. The more popular light colors include: white, cream, taupe, and tan. These colors tend to bring out the interior of the household.

Whatever paint that you decide for your entry door, think of the moment that you step on your welcome mat. You don’t want an obnoxious, eye-piercing color staring right at you before you open your door. Let it generate positive thoughts and showcase its’ beauty, happiness, and ease. This can be easily achieved by mixing and matching different colors and testing them out by looking at it from up-close and afar.

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