Hiring a consultant can give construction project managers some extra help when they need it.

A construction project is a complex task that requires coordination between many groups of people, especially if the work you are doing is commercial. A single mistake can cost you millions of dollars and injuries to tenants down the road. Construction consulting can provide an extra set of eyes to check the work you’ve done, and to help you design and accomplish your projects. There may be some factors that you may have overlooked and a consultant’s job is to find those factors.

A consultant can fill many roles. Some act as a structural steel expert, able to discern the quality of building materials and provide insight into what a project needs to be built up to code. Others offer claim analysis, designed to help companies expedite their disputes and save costs.  Every aspect of the construction project must be properly documented, because this is your best defense against any unwanted claims or cases. Ironing out these documentation problems may seem like such a hassle, especially if record keeping is not your strong suit. This is one reason why claims management is so popular. Claim consultants know what data they need to properly file a claim.

Hire a consultation firm if you find any of the projects to be overwhelming. The peace of mind is often worth more than having to pay for errors after the project is complete. Even if you have a lot of experience in construction, each new project brings new challenges. The details can easily come back to bite you.


Lyle Charles Consulting offers construction claims preparation and project turnaround services. Lyle Charles is a certified expert witness, and steel fabrication expert.