When you’re in charge of a large warehouse, there are several security concerns you must contend with to keep losses low. Internal security is a big one, but a sizable portion of theft still occurs from sources outside of your workforce. Learn to keep your warehouse safe, and your stock ready to hit the shelves, with these tips.

Security Doors

One of the first aspects to look at is a heavy-duty door to protect your stock. A roll-up warehouse door will provide access to employees looking to move stock, while providing plenty of stopping power for most obvious forms of entry. These doors can also be outfitted to the back of a shop space and locked with a simple lock. Coupled with a security camera, it would be difficult to gain access without someone noticing and leaving ample proof of their attempted entry.

Biometrics and Keypads

Another approach is to use biometrics to lock down access to a particular facility so that only employees with clearance can maneuver freely. Biometrics also have the added benefit of tracking an employee’s location with a time stamp of when he or she logged into that location. Employees don’t have to worry about privacy either, as biometrics do not recognize employees by their physical makeup. Rather, these systems take details of the face or fingerprint and match those to a database.

Keypads are another option, but you may find it difficult to change pass codes often if security is a prime concern. Remember, it’s not just changing the code it’s also getting the information out to those who need it.



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