Web EDI pertains to the electronic exchange of documents by using internet-enabled EDI platforms. This system allows companies to include their business partners within their EDI. Through internet-based HTML forms, messages can be accessed by any user within the system. This allows users to fill in forms and to have them transmitted in XML format to a translation application. The role of this EDI software is to convert the message into relevant EDI standard to have it transferred to partner companies.

Prior to the global use of the internet, companies had to use value added networks (VAN) to be able to transmit data from company to company. The internet has enabled companies to move data more quickly and cost-effectively as compared to having to the charges found in typical VAN contracts. As a response to the shift in technology, service providers are now providing various web-based services such as EDI translation, encryption, secured email services and reports that would be beneficial to the company and relevant to its management.

EDI services constitute of several benefits to the company, the most notable ones being the decrease of costs associated with paperworks, the increase in speed in business transactions and efficiency in the performance of employees. At a more strategic level, the use of EDI allows real-time visibility of transactions. This aids in strategic decision-making and responsiveness to business demands.

ACT Data Services is an EDI services bureau. The company has operated since 1985 and has been approved to manage walmart edi by top executives of the company.