Portable air conditioners are great solutions for office cooling, especially in small spaces. This type of cooling system is specially good in situations where installing a central AC system or window AC will be too expensive. Portable AC systems are also used for spot cooling of particularly hot areas of the office. For instance, a server in the office will be generating a considerable amount of heat and will be needing special cooling.

An excess amount of heat in the server room might lead to damages in your equipment and have a negative impact on their performance. An overheated computer room uses a considerable amount of energy and this would represent an excess cost to the company. Computers are also sensitive to humidity and dust which can be damaging to their internal circuit. Some portable AC systems also act as dehumidifiers and prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

Instead of having to install a general air conditioning system for the whole office just to cool down a particular spot, opting for a portable AC will make the task easier. This also ensures that the temperature of the whole office would not have to be decreased just to cool down one particular spot. This spot cooling would also represent savings in terms of energy and money. Before investing in industrial cooling systems, renting a portable air conditioner might help you decide which type of cooling would be better suited for your office.