Generally, for small spaces, portable air conditioners might be more suitable. This particular kind of cooling system is normally opted for in situations whereby installing a central cooling system or a window air conditioning would be too costly. The use of portable AC systems is also effective for spot cooling of areas that might generate more heat than the rest of the space. For example, a server room will tend to heat up more than the other office areas and will require special cooling systems.

Heat is detrimental to the durability of equipment in the office. Excess heat might damage IT equipment and negatively impact their performance. Overheated computer room are also energy inefficient. This inefficiency represents additional costs to the business. Computers are also normally sensitive to the accumulation of dust and high humidity levels. These can create damages to their internal circuits.

Certain portable AC systems also offer dehumidifiers that help prevent any formation of mold and mildew. This is particularly important for the health and safety of employees. A high humidity level is known to trigger allergies in a majority of people and opting for a portable AC with dehumidifier will guarantee a clean air for everyone.

A portable AC unit also presents the advantage of keeping the temperature of the office at a constant convenient level. Central cooling systems require that the temperature of the whole space be decreased in order to cool one region. Spot cooling thus allows one zone to stay heated while the other is cooled down.