Building construction is harder work than most people realize. One thing that most people do not think about is the work that people have to do in the background in order to make a building useful. To draw traffic patterns on the pavement, paint is sprayed through a handicap stencil over the area where the design needs to be drawn. Medians in the parking lot must be built to help traffic flow. Concrete trucks have to pour concrete into molds to make these medians.

 As it is being constructed, a building must undergo a series of inspections to ensure that its electrical, plumbing, and gas flow systems are installed correctly. This requires that trained professionals in the fields of engineering, construction, electricity, and plumbing, as well as many other people, work together to ensure that the systems are installed safely. Safety on the exterior of the building must also be maintained. Certain writing must be written on the pavement using a letter stencil in order to make traffic patterns clear to visitors in the parking lot. This writing helps guide traffic, and maintains safety.

 Like buildings, houses also require a great deal of work behind the scenes. They must also be inspected inside and out. Adjacent properties must also be taken into consideration for safety and legal purposes. In some situations it could be necessary to be careful when digging the foundation in order to avoid accidentally striking the neighboring building’s water system. If the home lies next to a large road or a blind curve, its driveway may need official markings to help passing traffic identify where the road is. Certain driveway stencils exist for just this purpose.

 Overall, buildings take a lot of work and are complicated systems in and of themselves. Many safety regulations must be taken into account when constructing them. So the next time you see a building being constructed, take a moment to appreciate all of the work that is going into making it a habitable, useful building.