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BATS founder pushes for IPO despite "freak" glitch

NEW YORK (Reuters) – BATS Global Markets, the U.S. exchange operator that withdrew its public offering Friday after a computer glitch sent its newly-issued stock into a tailspin, should develop a “credible IPO plan” and go through with it in the second quarter, its founder and current director said. BATS’ own stock was to be its first listing. View original post here: BATS founder... [Read more]

A Blast from the Past

Have you ever dreamed of being some kind of mad scientist when you were a kid? So much so that for your eighth birthday, you probably asked your parents to get you a science set (which they only really got you because you cried your eyes out begging for them). Only figuring out as you got older that aside from mixing colorful liquids with each other, science isn’t really just that; it comes with... [Read more]

Expanding into Newport Beach Without Having to Break the Bank

Whether you’re a growing startup or a thriving global corporation, establishing a business presence in Newport Beach through executive suites and offices opens up an endless sea of opportunities for your enterprise. An office in Newport Beach will provide your firm with access to one of the highest concentrations of affluent individuals in the country. The city, being home to the rich and famous,... [Read more]

Get New Replacement Continental Tires For Sale Today

When you are shopping for Continental tires for sale then you should check out all of the different suppliers that are out there in the market.  There are many companies with those as well as Pirelli tires for sale at prices you will not believe.   Tires are something that car owners constantly rely on, as they are highly necessary to be sure that you are able to keep on driving along and having... [Read more]

Tips For Finding A Commercial Kitchen For Your Catering Business

When starting a catering business, it is ideal to find a commercial kitchen that will work for you. There are several aspects you have to look into (covered by courses like those provided by foodtradeconsultants) when selecting a commercial kitchen, it includes the kitchen’s size, type and location. These will determine the type of dishes you can produce as well as the kitchen’s capacity. Below... [Read more]

Better Business With A General Contractor Software

Nowadays, anybody can successfully manage their account by using software. Whether for personal, small business or big business use, there is a type of software that is designed to help manage accounting issues. For the bigger companies, there is certified payroll software available that can aid in the management of employees’ salaries. General contractor software also carries this function in the... [Read more]

Get A Virtual Business Address To Receive Mail And Grow Sales

When you have the ability to rent an office for a day or obtain a virtual business address you can really help grow sales in your business. Virtual office space has really been gaining in popularity across the entire business world, and for many good reasons.  There are a lot of benefits to be had with virtual office space.  Virtual office space is truly the future of business, as it is creating... [Read more]

Search Under Ecommerce Shopping Cart To Find The One You Need

Search under Ecommerce Shopping Cart to Find the One You Need You can easily search under ecommerce Shopping Cart to find a wide variety of ecommerce solutions for your online store. If you are new to the online store realm be sure to find a shopping cart solution that is user friendly and inexpensive. When first starting out on the Internet it can take awhile until you have a steady flow of visitors... [Read more]

Is contractor accounting software a must have and is it affordable?

Article submitted by When it comes to purchasing new tools and necessities for your business it can be a challenge especially if you are on a budget. You will need to decide what necessities and items are imperative to your company’s success and what can help to cut down on costs which will lead to good long term investments. One thing that many companies can benefit from purchasing... [Read more]

How Beauty Salon Management Software Can Help To Improve Your Business

For beauty salon owners who are looking to improve their business and to keep things organized may consider using beauty salon management software. This valuable software can help to keep small to medium sized companies organized by keeping appointments and scheduling organized and convenient for workers to browse through. There are many benefits to using this type of software such as marketing, scheduling... [Read more]

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