When starting a catering business, it is ideal to find a commercial kitchen that will work for you. There are several aspects you have to look into (covered by courses like those provided by foodtradeconsultants) when selecting a commercial kitchen, it includes the kitchen’s size, type and location. These will determine the type of dishes you can produce as well as the kitchen’s capacity. Below are some tips on how to choose a commercial kitchen that will match the nature of your business. Should you have the interest to continue seriously, look at food trade consultants seminars and courses for a more detailed in-depth look at all these topics.

Shared Commercial Kitchen – This is ideal for startup businesses or chefs. This type of kitchen is leased to multiple customers all at once. While you will be able to save extra bucks, you need to make sure that you set a schedule whenever you need to use it.

Home Kitchen – Many cooks and chefs would want to start a small business at the comfort of their own kitchen. However, the equipment and capacity of your kitchen may be limited. Also, you will need to follow local rules before you can operate your business.

Private Commercial Kitchen – If you have enough budget, you can rent your own commercial space and purchase your own equipments.

Kitchen At A venue – For on-site catering, you can rent out the venue’s commercial kitchen.

Restaurant Kitchen – Save money from lease by renting out a restaurant’s kitchen on hours when the restaurant is closed.

Portable or Temporary Kitchen – You can rent portable kitchen equipments for mobile or offsite catering. Popularly used by food trucks.

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