Are you considering getting into the ice cream business and starting your own ice cream shop? Remember to carefully consider your distributors of ice cream shop supplies. Especially when starting out, you will need to have reliable suppliers who provide competitive prices for normal volume orders. Avoid the nightmare scenario of running out of supplies during the first weeks of operation by ordering extra and making sure your supplier can ship orders quickly.

When it comes to the actual supplies, it is essential that you carry extra stocks of the following:

  1. White paper cups

Ice cream shops service a variety of frozen or cold products. But the most basic and essential supply required for a large range of the products is plain white paper cups. It is absolutely essential that you stock plenty of these. They will be needed for water and deserts such as frozen yoghurts. Look for suppliers who can give you customized cups in different sizes. Three sizes are the minimum, covering small to large.

  1. Ice cream cups

Ice cream is going to be the bread and butter of the store.  Buy industry standard ice cream cups. Unlike general coffee cups or even plain white paper cups, ice cream cups come in an array of shapes and sizes. Shapes range from the standard white cups to fancy octagonal or diamond shaped cups and sizes range from small to large and even wide and low. There is a lot of variety and you should have no problem finding cups that match the vision you have for you store.