The Pocono Mountains are a vacationer’s dream. There is everything to look forward to. Activities include hiking, fishing, skiing and much more. Having a holiday at the Pocono family resorts is a gift one should strive to give the family. The Poconos are very accessible and are very popular with vacationers from New York and New Jersey. The mountains are what every vacationer looks forward to with fun filled activities on every day of the vacation. Families and even single persons will find the mountains a vacation place to go back to again and again.

With about 6200 km square, the Pocono Mountains are very diverse and have the environment for a wide range of activities. You can go skiing in the snows at the higher peaks, go fishing at the Lehigh River or even go hunting wild deer.  For those who love the wild, the Poconos are the perfect place to go hiking and camping.  There are numerous camping sites that are well maintained and accessible but still having that wild touch. There is a diverse range of wildlife in the mountains that offer a great tourism site.

For those who love skiing, the Pocono Mountain resorts are the nearest option if you come from New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia or Washington D.C.  They are accessible by road and the resorts in the mountains are many fro you to choose from. The mountains are a safe option for vacationers as they are located near facilities that could offer emergency services in case of any mishaps.