Written by Heather Richards

Dreams are the big things we want in life, but they’re called dreams for a reason. Often times, our dreams are the unattainable wants, the things or ideas that seem too out of reach. So why then do some people achieve their dreams? The answer might have to do with how they perceive them.

Do you have a desire or dream that seems out of reach? It might be because you’re wearing the wrong glasses. The wrong glasses make you fall in love with your dreams. But falling in love with your dreams isn’t as positive as it sounds. In fact, Dr. Eric Amidi suggests that the act of falling in love with a dream makes it unreachable. This is because once you’re in love with a dream, you place it on a pedestal.

Instead, consider turning your dream into a practical goal. In order to do this, you must wear a different set of glasses, one that allows you to see the dream as it truly is. Dr. Eric Amidi says that when you fall in love with something, it makes you see it as something better than what it really is. Once you bring the dream back down to Earth, you can turn it into a practical goal. As a goal, you can start walking down the path you will need to take to reach it. Dr. Eric Amidi adds that making your dreams reachable will make it possible for you to manifest them in your life.