When it comes to getting the things we want in life, people have many tactics. Successful people are straightforward and confident about their goals; they write them down, and take the necessary steps required to achieve them. They stay on course and eventually succeed. But for the rest of us, it’s hard to focus on our goals. And for many of us, we don’t even know where to start. So what’s the secret to manifesting our desires? I came across this interesting blog post by Dr. Eric Amidi that suggests it has to do with the feeling of wanting.

But before we discuss the feeling of wanting, it’s important to distinguish it from the feeling of needing. In fact, in his writings, quantum physicist Dr. Eric Amidi explains that the feeling of needing and wanting are very different and knowing the difference is the key to manifesting our desires. According to Dr. Amidi, the feeling of needing is one of scarcity. He explains that people who are needy act as if their life will fall apart if they don’t get the things they want; “They make their happiness depend on it.”

On the other hand, the feeling of wanting promotes manifestations because the person can let go and project an attitude of joy regardless of the outcome. Dr. Eric Amidi suggests spending time thinking about the two feelings until you can feel the difference. He adds that most people as well as the universe respond better to you when you’re not needy but when you simply want something. So spend some time thinking about those two feelings and try to project an attitude of joy when you think about the things you want to accomplish in this life.