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The practice of renting out virtual offices or virtual executive suites has become more and more commonplace now. This is primarily due to the cost factor. For many businesses, maintaining large premises is a huge cost and one they can do without. Back in the day, businesses had no choice but to invest in installing a boardroom or conference room, because they had to have a place to hold thei meetings. They also had to have decent and spacious offices to impress clients.

But all of that has changed now. These days many businesses, especially those based on the web, have no reason to meet clients or customers. Everything is done online, including the meetings and sales, so there is no need to have a space and resource consuming office. A simple space where the computers can go is enough for these businesses to run profitably. However, once in a way a client does need to pop in to the office for a meeting. For these situations, the office can rent out a virtual space for a short period of time. That way a presentable office is shown to the client and no feathers are ruffled in the process. If you want to find a virtual space near you, do a search on the web for office space san Francisco or office space seattle (insert your city name where appropriate) and you will easily find plenty of places. Do look out for any hidden costs in the contracts before you sign them.