In the shorter list of alternative rural Internet service providers available to residents in rural America, satellite Internet providers like Starlink and 4G mobile Internet providers like UbiFi are commonly known as some of the fastest and best-performing options on the market. Both of these types of Internet for rural areas are capable of reaching highly-remote areas with Internet service that is comparable to the service provided by mainstream cable Internet providers in urban and suburban areas. However, there are some crucial differences you should be aware of that give 4G Internet the edge over satellite Internet.

Firstly, mobile 4G Internet providers such as UbiFi can lay claim to the title of the best Internet for rural gaming because of the universally lower levels of latency that they offer. Because satellite Internet providers use satellites to transmit Internet signals to users on the planet’s surface, there is a much larger delay between requests for data and the transmission of said data. In contrast, UbiFi and its cohorts use cell towers closer to rural communities to provide Internet signals. This results in less delays and less latency, which helps online gamers avoid lag, rubberbanding, and other unwanted phenomena that are caused by latency.

Secondly, mobile Internet providers such as UbiFi are less susceptible to issues caused by obstructions such as trees or adverse weather conditions. While 4G Internet is not invulnerable to the effects of obstructions, it is much better at resisting them and maintaining consistent connection during these unwanted interruptions.

All of these benefits can only be accessed if you are within a good 4G rural Internet provider’s coverage area, so be sure you are adequately covered before signing up for one.