Summary: Command center workstations can up the quality of a broadcast, opening up potential revenue streams via exclusive content.


When people are watching a sports broadcast at home, they still want to feel like they are a part of the action going on in the stadium. It is this excitement that makes watching others compete so entertaining.


Command center workstations are designed to process information being produced and information coming in and display them to relevant parties in formats that are easy to digest and work with. The intricacies of these processes allow organizations to perform complex operations and present information from a wide number of different sources, all at once. As such, organizations could utilize these workstations to create content exclusive for certain viewers to provide an enhanced experience.


Every Angle at Your Fingertips


With so much going on during a game at any given time, some of your viewers could easily feel overwhelmed or lost in the action. Depending on the production set up for the competition, you could choose to give your viewers more ways to enjoy the stream. During an e-sports tournament, for example, viewers are usually given the same feed as the video wall integration that they are unable to interact with.


An exclusive feature for premium paying users could grant your viewers the option to switch camera feeds, choosing between different map angles or player perspectives. This freedom would not be possible without an advanced command center console in place.


In-Depth Stats


Additionally, you may choose to offer more in-depth information for premium customers. Companies like could set up workstations that allow you to pool together more data that your viewers wishing to analyze the gameplay on a deeper level could benefit from.