If you’ve embarked on an attempt to open your own gelato shop, you’ve got a lot to think about. Ordering supplies is one of your biggest tasks, as you need to estimate how much of each item you’ll need. Ordering is particularly tricky when you’re just starting out, because you don’t have any history to rely on. Luckily, though, nonperishable items like gelato cups and spoons are easy to order in bulk and won’t go bad, so you can order more than you think you need without worrying about wasting any.

When you are planning your order, remember to account for the smallest details. For example, consider ordering gelato tasting spoons to give your customers tiny samples of your product. Especially when you are just starting out, your customers may be unfamiliar with your gelato flavors. Providing customers with a small sample on a tasting spoon can be a way to hook them on your product.

Use ice cream or frozen yogurt suppliers to order your gelato-specific needs. Remember to order gelato cups and spoons, to-go containers in various sizes, and beverage cups, as well as napkins. You will also need reusable items such as scoops and gelato pans, and commercial refrigeration to keep your gelato at the proper temperature. Keep track of what you order so that you build up data on the amount of supplies you use every week and month, making ordering easier. Keeping track of your inventory can also help prevent loss.