When it comes to any social event like parties, dinners, weddings, and banquets, table linens can make all the difference.  Whether you are planning a fancy affair or a more casual event, the right table linens can really wow your guests. 

However, table linens do not have to be as expensive as they seem.  In fact, if you can find them at warehouse prices, you can cut out the middle man, and devote your budget to other decorations.

If you want to cut back on your party budget, consider these 3 popular table linens.  Each one can add class and elegance to your event, without adding to your budget:

  1.  Table runners
  2. If you want a splash of color, table runners are your best bet.  If you are planning an elegant event, go for satin table runners; if you’re planning something a bit more casual, go for taffeta table runners.  Each one is shaped like a sash, and it goes right over your tablecloth.

    Table runners are a great way to incorporate color – gradually.  For example, if you want to include bright pink into your color scheme, but you do not want a bunch of bright pink tablecloths, get some bright pink table runners.  They will add some flair to your tables without looking tacky.

  3.  Chair covers
  4. A must for any wedding or other social event, chair covers look great and can save you a ton of money.  Chair covers are easy to use; they slide right over any chair.  Instantly, your chairs go from boring to sophisticated.  Having chair covers means that you do not have to go out and buy or rent expensive chairs, or pricey chairs that match your color scheme.  In fact, chair covers can even fit over folding chairs!

  5.  Tablecloths
  6. The most basic table linens, tablecloths set the scene for your guests.  They are another event-planning tool that can save you money.  By opting for tablecloths, you do not have to buy or rent expensive furniture.  Instead of paying for expensive, glamorous tables, you can throw tablecloths over virtually any table.  Plus, they are easy to fit into any color scheme, because they come in virtually any color!