wmorangecounty1The Orange County waste management company has done well in being a leader in the field of recycling.Sometimes called orange recycling, it is by far one the most successful recycling ventures in the country.

The company has forged several good relationships with cities around its base. In the nine cities that have contracts with the company, over 200,000 residential and almost 15,000 commercial customers are served.For example, los alamitos waste managementand santa ana trash collection are handled by this company.

By being in the business for over 40 years, the company has had time to develop and hone their practices to be the best and most effective. They have two facilities, located in Orange and Irvine, which receive all the waste that is collected. Employees at these facilities go through the material that is brought in and separate the items that can or cannot be recycled. Whatever material that is determined to be unrecyclable is sent off to a landfill for dumping.

But so many things can be recycled these days that much of the waste that is brought in is used productively. Almost all paper based products, plastic products, glass products and some metal products (mainly tin cans and aluminum cans) are easily recyclable. By doing this, orange recycling has managed to reduce the reliance on landfills by a massive amount. If you live in an area which is serviced by this company, consider signing up with them to remove your waste as well. You will be doing your country and the environment a great service.