Almost 75 percent of employees steal or misuse company property at least once during their employment, and the costs can prove dear to employers. While it’s a given fact that honest people are becoming increasingly difficult to find, employment screening can work to improve the quality of employees that a company hires.

In earlier times, the interview was considered to be one of the most important ways by which an employer could get to know the potential employee before agreeing to hire them. But there’s no doubt that a certain amount of background information can help them to interview the right candidates, especially if their financial and employment track record has been up to par.

Here are some benefits that you can take advantage of in using employment screening:

#1: Determining risk

Since a criminal record search conducted on each potential candidate can tell you whether or not the person has committed any crimes, you can gain insight into the person’s character that might not be readily available or provided by the individual. This, apart from any other financial or employment issues in the past, can help you screen out potential risks to your organization quickly and effortlessly. And better still, you only give the right candidates your interview time.  

#2: Save time

If you took interviews with all eligible candidates without conducting this type of screening, you would not only spend more time interviewing them for information, but would have no guarantee that they were providing you with authentic information. In conducting these background checks, you can save a lot of time and only focus on the ‘best’ candidates.

#3: Peace of mind

In using driving records and financial records, such as credit reports, to determine the risk involved in hiring certain candidates, the final candidate that you hire for the position will be the best in the lot, and in knowing that there won’t be any issues of dishonesty, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you made the right decision.