Most employers know that it’s a good idea to check an employee criminal background.  Knowing the employee criminal history is essential in any type of employment.  Here are two tips for employers to use when they are considering a new person for their establishment.


Check references – A lot of times contacting the references that the applicant provides is a good way to figure out whether the person’s suited for the company. References are able to tell the employer whether the person’s qualified and if their temperament and behavior will fit with the needs of the company. But the potential employer can’t ask old questions. They should be sure that they are staying professional and only asking questions that are job-related when getting in contact with references.


Kinds of background checks – Employers shouldn’t resort to doing background checks for any kind of job. Some positions only need a basic kind of background check, and others need more stringent checks.  An employer should know that there are different kinds of checks which they are able to perform and they should be associated with the kind of job that they are doing.  If someone is going to be applying for a driving car, for example, it’s a good idea to look at their driving record.