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Having an office in the prestigious “Golden Triangle” of Beverly Hills is a dream for many businesses. This hustling block of productivity is a popular site for both consumers and celebrities wishing to spend money. In other words, it is a “target rich environment”. Both full time and temporary office space has become available in the exclusive Beverly Hills block. Regardless of whether your business is rapidly expanding or deciding to downsize, a Beverly Hills suite is ready to accommodate your company’s needs that include: fully furnished suites, high speed internet, personalized telephone service that includes voicemail, and mail distribution.
A popular option for businesses seeking the virtual office Beverly Hills address without having to purchase a full-time office rental is a virtual office rental. These virtual offices are able to give companies the Beverly Hills professional address and occasional use of a conference room, which is something most businesses find is just what they need. This plan still allows part time access to the luxurious facilities and amenities.
Other’s opting for full time access will receive office space in the luxurious Beverly Hills corporate tower executive suites complete with a glamorous lobby, large conference rooms, equipped kitchen and parking services, including valet parking. The tower provided breathtaking views of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Hollywood. Purchasing a suite allows 24 hour access, 7 days a week. The corporation may even provide secretaries of information technology assistants if requested. The location allows for easy access to the Santa Monica and San Diego freeways and is only 14 miles from the Los Angeles International Airport.
Having an office centrally located in a professional setting is desired by all business owners. Another great option is executive suites Dallas which is a booming area for industry. Deciding to relocate your company to such a location will prove an increase in productivity and benefits.