In order for people from other countries to live in the United States they must obtain USA citizenship so that they can live here as a legal US citizen.  If you only work in the United States you can live here temporarily as long as you apply for a temporary work visa. Completing the paperwork to become a US citizen in a lengthy process as is filing the paperwork once it is completed.

Many people that are applying for to become a US citizen are from countries off the coast of Florida. Some of the reasons immigrants come to the United States are higher paying jobs than their own country and affordable housing.

Once your green card expires you must file paperwork for a green card renewal. If you are unsure about how to renew your green card you can visit the American Immigration Center Inc. Once you’re on the site you can read more about how to renew your green card. Before you apply for a new green card you have to learn how to speak proper English and take an English test. This website has a DVD that you can get that explains about the test as well as the citizenship exam and interview. If you need a passport, this website also has the application for US passport as well. While you’re visiting the site be sure to read all the valuable information they have for immigrants as well as US citizens such as employment opportunities and additional information for immigrants going through the green card process.