Credit reports can tell you a lot about a person. Their spending habits and patterns, when under the microscope, can reveal what kind of qualities the man or woman gives most importance to in his life. Let’s face it: your bank balance really counts for a lot, and this can also show people how you manage your funds as well.

One area in which this really comes in handy is when landlords have to sift through a list of tenant applications to find out which tenant is most likely to make them smile every month when that rent comes in.

In the good old days, without the intervention of the internet, it wasn’t easy to conduct a tenant screening with both speed and accuracy. And this meant that ever so often, one would have to go by their gut (which would turn out wrong) rather than go by the facts that are a part of this person’s financial history.

But things have changed, and now with the ability to conduct an online tenant credit check this problem can be sorted out instantly, and thus, one should be able to predict rather accurately which candidate will not only pay them on time but also will stay with them for a long time to come.

One way or another, this will mean that there are fewer headaches for those who can do without con artists in their lives, especially when time and money are involved.