The construction business is hard work, and as the owner of a business you might find yourself involved in one or two unwanted disputes over the years. It happens to the best of them. However, it’s important to resolve the issue before it goes to court. The problem is that resolving a disagreement between two parties is easier said than done. Many times it involves sensitive issues and feelings can get hurt and irritated. Whether you’re having an argument with an employee, a customer, or a contractor, hiring a mediator can help you resolve the issue without going to court.

There are many reasons why you might need to hire a third party mediator to help you resolve a dispute involving an issue related to your construction business. For example, you might need help with communicating your needs and wants to the person involved in the dispute; you might want an affordable way to solve the problem without going to court; or, you might be searching for the fastest way to resolve the issue and get back to running your business. Regardless of why you need a third party mediator, a mediator can help you achieve all of these goals. A mediator helps two parties come to a mutual agreement.

When it comes to the industry of construction, it’s important to hire someone with experience in construction mediation. But how do you find a construction mediator? Not every mediator can listen to disputes involving the construction industry and come up with a reasonable solution for both parties. Follow these tips when searching for a party appointed arbitrator:

Make sure they have experience in construction mediation. You need someone who is experienced in construction issues and has received the right type of training. For example, you would need to hire a structural steel expert to mediate a dispute between an issue that involves structural steel.

Ask for examples. It’s okay and even recommended to ask for a resume that features examples of mediation work.

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