Three-Construction-SnafusConstruction is a complex process where many moving parts must function together in order to get the job done. If those parts stop functioning, for any reason, money and time is lost. Manpower is just one example where things can go wrong. Construction claims management runs the gamut of injury and materials claims too. Read on for the three most common snafus in construction, and tips on how to fix these challenges.


Construction projects are carefully planned, but reality has a way of putting even the best laid plans to a test. On the ground, any small delay means adding to “crunch time” because the project must be finished within deadline one way or another. Interim short term management services can assist in these situations. That extra boost of manpower can be brought in for specialty jobs too, like assessing structural integrity or design.


Smaller crews are especially susceptible to poor documentation. Contractors who go independent tend to forget all the paperwork involved, or they handle it as a second thought to getting the job itself. This is the wrong approach because a claim could completely sink a business that way. Some disputes are easy to resolve and don’t cost much, but larger complaints tend to go to trial or mediation. If you have a choice, mediation is the better route.


A materials expert is sometimes required for a few reasons. Material valuation is the major reason, but these consultants also inspect materials on arrival and compare what was received to what the purchase order reads. If there is a discrepancy, that could be cause for dispute.

Bio: Lyle Charles is an expert in project management, mediation and steel fabrication. Lyle Charles Consulting specializes in commercial and residential project management.