If you are arrested for driving under the influence you need a drunk driving attorney to represent you. Getting a DUI can ruin your driving record and can result in having your drivers license suspended. Once your license is suspended it can be at least 1 year until it is restored. When you don’t have a driver’s license it can be difficult to get a job. If you already have a job and your license is suspended it can be difficult getting to work every day.

Many states have laws in effect where first time offenders are arrested and put in jail overnight. If they are caught again driving under the influence the laws are stricter. Repeat offenders often lose their license permanently.

Always get a DUI defense attorney to represent you on a drunk driving offense. They are experienced in representing clients that have DUI’s and know how to defend you. Be sure to get an attorney that is in your state. For example if you live in Illinois and need a defense attorney, you can search under criminal defense attorney Illinois or visit the website of Daniel Kay, Attorney At Law. Once you are on the site you can check out if he can represent you on the case you have. If you are looking for an attorney in a particular field of law you can search online under that field of law. If you need a defense attorney search under “defense attorney” in the state you need.